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over.. but tonight we're seg why the cleanup's gonna take awhile. in the north bay - kpix 5's brian webb says, som it's quite a mess. the storm is over but tonight we are seeing why the clean up is going to take awhile. north bay, kpix 5s brian webb says some business owners are pointing fingers. >> reporter: every time there are heavy rains, it floods along miller avenue . businesses break out the sand bags, it is a problem going on for decades. at joe's taco lounge it is hard to fry up your famous fish tacos when you are standing in a puddle of rainwater. just ask the man running the place who has a bone to pick with the city. >> i stopped fighting the city, we weren't getting any where, our landlord didn't get any where. i don't know what else i can do. >> reporter: ditto at the water
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hole next door. >> i am telling you, this drain would be fixed immediately. >> reporter: it rained more than a foot on the mountains and hills around mill valley and then came rushing down here to the low part of the city. this storm drain and another down the street couldn't handle what was coming in. take a look at it from last night. so much rain outside, it was coming up and out of the storm drain. not to mention the sinks and toilets on the inside. >> can anything be done to improve it? >> it is a difficult area. >> reporter: the city studied the problem and has come up with a possible solution, a 15- foot wide culvert, dug under the avenue. that would take many years and millions of dollars. >> they are extremely costly, and it is something the city has to prioritize with all the other needs. >> reporter: drinks will still
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get poured, tacos served, and when it rains, things will get wet. along miller avenue it is called business as usual. brian webb kpix 5. >> that was in the north bay paul but this was a tale of two storms. >> marts of the -- parts of the bay area, received less than an inch. contrasted with 14 inches of rainfall. crazy for just one weekend. more than 8 inches in napa, st. helena. this is the result from mill valley, nice looking water fall, problem is that is some body's backyard. mill valley, marin. in the south bay they are watering the lawn with irrigation. sunny vail, east palo alto. sarah toga, this is the view down there.
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look at the rose varies, big problems there. they needed rainfall you needed it in the south bay but did not receive it. this jug here completely full would be normal rainfall for the north bay from beginning of last year, beginning of 2013. this tiny guy is all the rain we have received until this past weekend. we will add to that and this water bottle here, matter one is the rain -- smaller one is the rain we got over the last weekend. if you add these two together we are nowhere close to normal. we want to be here instead we are here. that is better than where we were, but a long way to go. good samaritans helped this guy who fell into the contra costa canal today. the contra costa times, said men threw him a stick to keep him from floating away. he was taken to hospital with minor injuries. in san jose investigators are trying to figure out what
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caused the roof to cave in at a vacant building. it happened around 5:00 p.m. at an industrial avenue. it is in the process of being sold. investigators are looking into the possibility it was intentionally damaged. cal trans has explaining to do. the new bay bridge is leaking. phil shows us we have a better idea where the problem is. >> we are seeing some water coming down on all four lines but keep it isolated. >> reporter: the problem appears to be leaks in where the guardrails, connect to the span or possibly the wiring con due wits to the bridge light. water is dripping down into the heart of the suspension span. the fear is while the leaks are not an immediate problem, ongoing wetness could lead to corose of the bolts so they have to -- corrosion of the
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bolts so they have to come up with a collusion. how much will that cost? >> we don't know. this is one of these things, if we experience more wind or rain we will learn things. >> they don't know how quick it will take to resolve but i can't imagine -- the water will not be left down there. even if it takes more than one winter season it will still get mopped out and pumped out before it does damage. >> reporter: no time table or price tag on fixing the leaks. last year's america's cup cost us more than we originally thought. in december leaders estimated the race cost taxpayers, $5.5 million. now a new report finds that number is actually closer to $11.5 million. when you factor in expenses for the port of san francisco. >> students at san jose state university mourning the loss of one of their own. they held a memorial for a student found dead in his dorm
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room yesterday. they held candles, gave heart felt speeches and signed banners for their fallen peer. he is 18-year-old brendan tiggs of san francisco he graduated from st. ignatious just last year. >> those of us who knew him he was a person for others he embodied the ignatious spirituality. he never hung out with just one group of friends his heart was big enough for everybody. >> the coroner is investigating what caused his death. a family is demanding answers after an oakland grandmother was tied up and killed inside her home. 77-year-old susan fong was the victim of a violent home invasion robbery in east oakland last friday. police found her bound, ganged and murdered they believe someone targeted her but won't say why. her son-in-law says not knowing who did this is the toughest part. >> not knowing why it happened,
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um, and there is just no feeling of finality of closure. >> now just in the last half hour we have learned new details about what happened. that is tonight at 11:00 p.m. on kpix. popularity of csi has stirred up forensics in college. now they are giving students a reality check. how they are separating fact from fiction. >> what do you think dave? >> reporter: for 14 seasons the csi shows have delivered body bags full of drama and glamour. solving crimes and catching bad guys in 43 minute episodes which brings us to this jam packed forensics class. today they are collecting fibre
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evidence. it is designed to be so boring so anti hollywood it weeds out the wannabes. the students who grew up watching csi love it. >> it is cool. >> reporter: after 300 episodes the so called csi effect in the courtroom is well known where real life jurors have sky high expectations of crime fighting. look at the enrolment at san jose forensics. it shot up 10 fold in just 4 years. >> i tend to ask the student what they know about their interest and if it is generally just the tv show i ask them to think about first taking some courses, perhaps even shadowing someone and understanding what the job is about before they make that decision. >> reporter: they graduate about 50 a year but throw them in across the country and you
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have a brutal job market. santa clara county crime director says if he has an empty position there will be hundreds of applicants. >> it is a shame people are coming out with these forensic qualifications when they stand no chance of getting into the profession. >> reporter: get this, students know it and they don't care. >> just do what you love and try to figure thinks out later. >> reporter: does it make you want to try to do something else? >> no. this is what i want to do. >> reporter: kpix 5. trouble in the cockpit. tonight we discover why pilots can't find the san jose airport. >> bay area father and son turn the table on a burglar with a single piece of furniture. >> we have all been asked to use less water but you have to see what we found out ,, ♪
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and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. a bicycle.. only to be tackd by a police officer.. as the tion >> an incredible take down in sacramento. watch as this suspect tries to make a get away on a bicycle. wait for it, bam that is how a
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cop takes you down when he wants you off a bike. that from our sister station. camera guy was rolling, cop had unexpected back up. good samaritan comes from across the street joins in with a couple other police officers to make sure that suspect didn't go any where. other officers ran up and were able to subdue him. eventually he was lead away in cuffs. he had been hiding out in someone's garage and wanted for stealing a car. a terrifying moment for an airline passenger or airline passengers on their way to hawaii. an alaska airlines flight, made an emergency landing at stab jose. instead of risk -- san jose. instead of risking a long flight the pilot turned around. another problem for pilots in san jose. >> reporter: some times it comes down to difference of being able to find the correct airport on the ground for pilots.
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apparently it is a problem here in san jose more so than the rest of the country. it is clear pilots know the the words to dionne warwick's tune do you know the way to san jose. once they reach san jose is where the confusion begins. sitting 10 miles apart are manetta and moffette field. on the left and right. >> runways look close in alignment. >> reporter: over the years there have been six close calls where a plane bound for manetta has nearly touched down at moffett. >> problems come from inexperience and hurrying. >> when things happen quick you
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blow it some times. >> reporter: the best way to tell the difference, the giant word war 2 ship hangars. another problem is when winds blow in to the south bay. >> cases like this it is easier to mistake the runway. >> we asked officials to comment about this they directed us to the faa. they said listen this has only happened 6 times in the past decade and no one was hurt. but they say they are looking into ways, possibly changing the runway lighting to make it easier for pilots to tell the difference. and in light of the asiana crash last year at sfo the airline announced it is changing its pry lot training program -- pilot training program. executives say it will improve
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communication between managers and subordinates. >> an east bay owner, concerned about crime came face to face with a burglar. how the owners teenage son came to the rescue. >> the suspect was holding two boxes of boots in his hands and we just yelled what are you doing. >> reporter: just before 7:00 a.m. sunday morning, jose woke up to the sound of breaking glass. within minutes, police got the call there was a burglary in progress at tony's shoes. with a twist, he was holding down the suspect. >> the suspect, punched him in the face, the store owner fought back during the struggle they fell to the ground. >> the owner his wife and three children were living upstairs. police say this was more than a theft and the teenager was afraid for his fathers safety.
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>> picked up a chair and hit the suspect over the head with the chair causing an injury to the suspect and incapacitating him. >> the 50-year-old was taken to the hospital for his injuries and booked. >> reporter: because the family was here at the time of the break-in, the building was occupied the suspect faces first degree burglary. >> the two acted in self- defense and won't face charges but they stopped short of giving an endorsement. >> it is an individual choice, there are risks associated with those choices, fortunately he was not harmed seriously. >> reporter: police say they do encourage businesses to install alarms and security cameras. police say the suspect is well known to them and expected in court tomorrow. for the past four days, they were nice but where does that leave us when it comes to
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the possibility of mandatory water restrictions and how would though work? all of that is something of a mystery. >> reporter: in the south bay we could have used more. in the north bay the story was much better. >> effect was amazing we increased our storage, our capacity of stored water by almost 20%. >> reporter: but the story is far from over. it is still entirely possible, voluntary water cut backs will become mandatory. the water district will take stock. >> if storage is below the threshold mandatory rationing will be put into effect. >> reporter: that has residents talking and scheming. >> some people are saying we got to rack our water bill up to save. >> using a bunch of water now will give you a bigger water bill and make you the least
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liked person on the block. >> reporter: the district is still trying to figure out how mandatory restrictions would work and how much water residents would be expected to use. >> what we do know is any water saved now will not hurt a customer, in setting their baseline or benchmark water use. >> reporter: while the rainy weekend was nice it couldn't even begin to deliver any long term answers. >> we try not to use much water i have been worried how we will cut 25%. >> reporter: it is a question we are hearing a lot. tomorrow night we will look at your home water use, gallon by gallon and where you may be losing water and not know it. tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. water water everywhere except the south bay. wow not a whole lot there. how did that happen? >> crazy. pineapple express is like shooting a fire hose but during the storm it will meander, 40, 50 miles this time locked in
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place. marin, sonoma, it poured for three straight days. little bit of sunshine in the south bay. that is the weekend it was the haves and have notes. we found san francisco, 2.5 inches of rainfall. you will be a foggy mess tomorrow. much of the bay area, humid air. cloudy night, lots of fog and cloud cover tomorrow morning. plan on it looking like that for awhile. we will enter another drought stretch. what did this rain do? increased rainfall by the water by 19%. rose varies already up 4%, like -- reservoirs already up 4%. likely gain more. snow pack got an 8% bump but 74% below normal. that ridge of high pressure is back now it is closer moved up to the north a bit and the storm track is just to our north at the california, oregon
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border but still juicy. there is a tonne of rainfall some say southern oregon at the mountains may get 10 inches of rainfall over the next 5 days. a near miss we will stay on the dry side of things. northern sonoma, you may get some rainfall but most of the bay area, will stay completely dry for the next several days. night time clouds, yes, fog yes, rainfall stays north and aside from sonoma and points north, we will stay dry. concord, san jose, oakland, 62. 63 walnut creek, san ramon. extended forecast here it is dry partly sunny mid-60s, one chance of of and that is coming up sunday. we will be right back ,,,,,,,, the great american novel.
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district. 20-something techies met wi longtime residents. a dinner was held to address neighbourhood tension. >> 20 something techies met with long time residents. interesting issue in san francisco, discuss the impact, tech companies are having. across town it was a different story. >> dozens protested, while tech workers gathered for an awards show. >> people that are being really feeling the crunch if you will, of evictions, much of which is fueled, by the speculators in speculation that come through the tech industry and money
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coming into san francisco. >> tech firms are credited with bringing in new jobs but critics say they are making it harder for the working class. the warriors were without two players. never fear, maurice is here. minutes next ,,,, bulldog: you know, bulldog: you know, not all heroes wear capes. some wear fur. and mattress discounters good deed dogs is here to help them.
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uncovered a few more cracksn the liberty bell..wayne sta >> last night the 76ers lost to the clippers by 45 points. tonight warriors uncovered a few more cracks. david lee back after missing a couple games with a bad hip. curry picked up the loose ball, 30 point lead. the story was that man, murray,
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career high 32 points, 8 and 9 in the 1st half. warriors win by 43 points. lebron james in phoenix putting a show, during shoot around. he has never been in the dunk contest. warriors and heat wednesday. la russo will be inducted into the bay area, hall of fame. as pitchers and catchers, going to arizona friday. norris will show up with more hair still looking for a name. >> i think it is epic mullet or maybe a little touchy subject. i don't know maybe we will have to work on that. get with the guys and get a new name for it. big story at spring training last year because of his look and once again -- >> going mullet again. >> planning to do it for the 11:00 p.m. but couldn't shape the hair the
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way i wanted to. >> business in the front party in the back. see you at 11 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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